What are these young birds?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, so I thought I would give you a 2 for 1!

The photo featured above was taken almost two weeks ago (in late May) at Pacific Spirit Regional Park, next to Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. Although a Pacific slope Flycatcher was signing nearby, my guess is that this might be a fresh out of the nest Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Do you agree?

I took the photo below yesterday (June 11) in North Vancouver, BC. I am fairly confident that this is a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow, but I still wanted to check with others to see if they agreed:


Spring Migration

Spring Migration seems to be on the way out here in central west Florida on the Gulf of Mexico unless we get a cold front and the right winds.  I will see if I can find some other photos to post soon.  In the interim, please feel free to join if you have not and those of you who are members, please post, also.  In different areas of the country, birds of all kinds remain active.  Here, too, but not the migrants. -SLB


Just for Fun

 Just for fun.  What bird is this? -SLB

Just for fun.

Just for fun.

Can You Identify This Bird?

What is the species of this bird?

What is the species of this bird?

Hi, my post is once again about a bird seen at Fort De Soto Park in west central Florida.  An expert who saw it said he was not sure whether it was a year round genus or a genus rare in this area, so I am only asking if you know the genus and possible species.  For many birders, there is no love lost for this bird. -SLB 


Can you ID this bird despite poor photo quality

Hi, I am hoping someone can ID this bird based on its shape, possible color and the fact that it was seen April 17, 2014 at Fort De Soto on the west central coast of Florida during spring migration. -SLB  

2014_04_17 DSCF2476 0

What is this bird?

April Bird of the Month

Hi, it is still spring migration in Florida.   This photo was taken at Fort De Soto Park, central west coast of Florida April 17, 2014.  This bird is the quiz of the month species.  What is it?  -SLB  

Bird of the Month Quiz April, 2014

Bird of the Month Quiz
April, 2014

Identification of a Warbler during March migration in Florida

This identification has me vacillating between a Yellow-throated Warbler and Northern Parula, both of which are passing through my area of Florida in their migration.  This photo was taken at Fort De Soto, Gulf Coast, central Florida March 18, 2014.  Any help would be much appreciated.  -.SLB