What we have here are a couple hawks photographed last month in Palm Bay (east central), Florida.  The one on the right in the photo of the two is definitely a Red-shouldered.  I even got an opportunity to see this one swoop in to hunt and the ID was pretty unmistakable.  What I don’t understand is who is on the left.  Is this one a juvenile Red-shouldered or is there some way it is a young Red-tailed hanging out on the same tree?  Aside from the photo of them together, I posted front and back views of the hawk in question.  Thanks for any help! 🙂


3 responses to “Hawks

  1. Hi Jenn, it does look like a juvenile Red-shouldered hawk to me. Nie catch!

  2. No, still a Red-shouldered.

  3. Thanks guys! That explains why they were making so much noise, I suppose. I wondered if it might be a parent and its “young” (which was the larger of the two… also throwing me). 🙂