Identify a Warbler in Sun City, FL, Feb. 2012


This bird was seen in the Hibiscus bush in my front yard, in Sun City Center, FL  this past February.  I thought perhaps it’s a juvenile Palm Warbler….but I’d like confirmation….


2 responses to “Identify a Warbler in Sun City, FL, Feb. 2012

  1. Thanks for such a good photo; makes an ID easier. Most likely this is a female Palm Warber. They breed April through August, but not in Florida so this wouldn’t be a juvie. The illustration in the Florida’s Birds book I have (Maehr and Kale) shows more prominent streaks than Sibley does.

  2. The pictures I’ve seen of the adult female Palm Warbler and the juvie look the same…perhaps this one is a first-year juvie, given that they don’t breed in Florida. Sibley’s failed me on this ID.