Do you know what kind of gull this is?

I am fairly certain (with close to 99% certainty) that I know what this gull is, but I wanted to ask our faithful readers to give their opinion on the matter… these two pictures were taken in early February 2012 on the Sea Wall at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’d appreciate your thoughts on the matter…


7 responses to “Do you know what kind of gull this is?

  1. JoSanz1217

    I’m not an expert on Gulls, but I’ll take a stab and say it’s a Mew Gull.

  2. Jo, how did you arrive at that conclusion? Looking at Gulls in that area, I could not decide.

  3. JoSanz1217

    Since it appeared to be a small Gull with a small bill, I looked for the ones that are smallish and are found on the West Coast….the “smudge” on its head and the white area near the wing tips also matched the Mew Gull, so I took a wild guess….believe me, I’m no expert at Gulls!.

  4. JoSanz1217

    The bird appeared to be small with a small bill, and the wing tips and the smudge on the head all led me to the Mew Gull, which is seen on the West Coast…so I took a wild guess.

  5. That pretty much sums it up… The size of the bill (small, compared to the head), the fact it is yellow-greenish and without a red spot or black line, along with the grey wings and black primaries all point to this bird given the area where this picture was taken (which, I should have added, was an inlet and not on the open ocean).