Hawk…Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned or ???

These two pictures are definitely not great, as they were taken through a window and a screen, which is not something my husband does, but it was the only way to get a picture of this hawk when it landed on the lamppost in our backyard in Sun City Center, FL this past February.   Any ideas?ImageImage


7 responses to “Hawk…Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned or ???

  1. Hi Jo, I am leaning to the Cooper, based on the head to body ratio. But recently I had a very small hawk, somewhat bigger than a blue jay that I am assuming is a sharpie. It is making me re-think all my cooper vs sharpie id’s! BTW, very nice pics, even though they are through a window and screen.

  2. It could be a Cooper’s. We have seen juvenile Sharpies chasing after Blue Jays in our yard and they are almost identical in size. I’ve recently read that female Sharpies can be as large as male Cooper’s The white over the eye, though, makes me think Sharpie, because I just read that they “usually have a pale stripe above the eye”….but if this is a juvenile Sharpie or Cooper’s, they should have yellow eyes. This bird clearly doesn’t. So, I’m still confused.

  3. Ok, it took a little while, but I found the photo in my albums that made me decide to throw this suggestion in here. Is it possible you could have a young Red-shouldered Hawk? Without the tail or chest visible, it is hard to say for sure, of course, but it was the first thing I thought when I saw its face.

  4. I think Jenn is right, Red-shouldered. If you look close at the shoulder you can see the patch. Also, I just pulled up some pics of one circling my backyard just this Saturday. I have Red-shouldered hawks here nesting this season. The face looks the same too me, pale stripe, dark eyes. If I could figure out how to add a pic to this comment, I would!

  5. Jenn’s and vbella39’s comments led me to look more closely at the Red-shouldered Hawk. The pale stripe and white “cheek” match, although the eyes are yellow in the guide’s pix, but that doesn’t always match what you see, as noted by vibella39….so, I think my mystery bird is no longer a mystery. Thank you, ladies.

  6. You are very welcome Jo. SLB, that is a geat idea to post a “regarding” photo. I Think I will do that now so everyone can see why I believe this Hawk is a Red-Shouldered.

  7. I agree with Red Shouldered and not Shooper