A photo regarding “Hawk…Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned or ???”

This is 2 photo’s of a Red-Shouldered Hawk who was circling over my head this past weekend. A pair has been here in my Hewitt (northern) NJ backyard since early spring. They are very vocal, active Hawks, and a joy to have among my wooded forest friends. I believe this is the same Hawk that Jo has in the pevious post.The light was not the best and I was only using a 300mm lens.Notice also how the eye is lighter in the 2nd pic, it is all about the light!  I hope this helps make an accurate ID.




2 responses to “A photo regarding “Hawk…Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned or ???”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to post these. I also use a 300mm lens and know how difficult it is to get birds in flight…they’re rarely close enough and you’re right, the light is everything. Thanks to the comments made by you and Jenn, I’m believe the hawk on our lamppost is a red-shouldered one, definitely not a hawk that we see very often. By the way, I’m from NJ, too…No. Arlington, in Bergen Cty.

  2. Check out that translucent wing patch.