Bird Identification – What Kind of Oriole

This photo was taken March, 2012 in St. Petersburg, FL.  I am not sure what kind of Oriole it is.  -SLB

2012_03_23 DSCF8693  St. Petersburg, FL


6 responses to “Bird Identification – What Kind of Oriole

  1. My best guess is that it’s an Orchard Oriole.

  2. Hi SLB. I believe this is a male Orchard Oriole.

  3. So, I will give my best guess for all three photos. Photo 1 is most likely (with 99% certainty) an Orchard Oriole (rusty breast, black head and tail). Photo 3 is a Baltimore Oriole (orange breast, black head, light orange under-tail). Although photo 2 is a bit trickier, I will venture a guess: this is a juvenile male of a Baltimore Oriole (dark head, yellow breast and under-tail).

  4. Pierre….photo 3 and photo 2 are just the reverse of what you say……photo 2 is a Baltimore Oriole….but it’s photo 3 that is tricky. I see a bird with a black head, yellow breast and under tail….but aren’t the juvenile Baltimore Orioles orange, not yellow?

  5. OK, Photo 1 is a male Orchard Oriole.

  6. Orchard (male)