Identification of Two More Orioles

I am not entirely sure what kind of Orioles these are.  These photos were taken at Fort De Soto County Park in April 2012  -SLB

2012_04_22 DSCF8636 01
Taken at Fort De Soto County Park, FL

2012_04_22 DSCF8626 01 Taken at Fort De Soto County Park, FL


9 responses to “Identification of Two More Orioles

  1. Photo 2: Baltimore Oriole
    Photo 3: Audubon’s Oriole
    From the date of your pictures, this was the first day of the great spring fallout at the Fort….nice going! I’m even more sorry that I missed it.

  2. photo 2, I think is a male Baltimore Oriole. (white wing bars, orange tip on tail, more orange than dark red like on photo 1)
    photo 3, looks like a female Orchard Oriole.

  3. I looked at everyone’s comments and tried to figure out why each commented that way. I think Photo 2 is a Male Baltimore Oriole as Photo 1 seems to be a Male Orchard Oriole, with that rusty colored breast. Photo 3 looks like an immature male Baltimore Oriole. I magnified the photo to 500 per cent. I was amazed my free photo editing software has that capacity. I did see a splotchy head, but definitely heavier on the black than a female would have. Last week, a friend sent me photos to ID. My research taught me how different the juveniles (see next comment)

  4. can sometimes look, and that their development occurs at different rates. The body color is not as advanced as the hood may be. So, what shall we conclude, Pierre, Jo, and vbella39

  5. I’m sticking with photo #2 being a Baltimore Oriole. At this point, I’m not sure at all about photo #3, other than that it could be an immature Baltimore Oriole, male or female.

  6. Baltimore & Audibon

  7. While I see how Photo 3 resembles an Audabon, all of my research has indicated that the Audabon’s is “A predominantly Mexican bird, the Audubon’s Oriole reaches the United States only in southern Texas.” That quote is from All About Birds on the internet site. As far as you or Jo know, has it ever reached this area of Florida, specifically last spring at Fort DeSoto?

  8. Three different ways to spell “Audubon’s”! Should we actually be giving advice? (Smirk!)