1st ever CGDs to visit my yard

1st ever CGDs to visit my yard

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16 responses to “1st ever CGDs to visit my yard

  1. Um, I wonder where the text went? Oh well, it’ll turn up somewhere I’m sure. So, to recap. Hi, I’m back from a 10 week trip to Europe. Saw my first ever Common Ground Doves (in my yard) just now, so I thought I’d try to upload a picture and text (picture bit worked!) and yesterday I saw 2 RThHBs and my first Yellow-throated Vireo. More later….

  2. Witty caption contest? How about a little bitty witty? “Grounded, perhaps. Common, my tail feathers.”

  3. Hi DaLo! Nice sightings for your return home. So nice to have you back!!

  4. You’re so right! (I’m not anonymous, I’m just inept).

  5. They came back again a little while later. They’re SOOO small!

  6. Correction. Itty, Bitty. Witty.

  7. I’m not anonymous, I’m just inept and keep clicking on the wrong things! 🙂

  8. Comments generally do not show up in real time, much to my ongoing frustration and communiques with the WordPress staff. I have to retrieve them from the spam King or Queen, Askimet, who false-positives our comments. I am working on it. Promise.

  9. Thanks vbella39. I love your baby turkey pictures! 🙂

  10. Oh, OK. Now I know there’s a lag and I’m not being a dummy, I can just post a comment and then go and do something else, then pop back and see who’s around. No worries! 🙂

  11. DaLo, you’ve been missed! No offense, but if you know what the bird is, why not post the pix to our other site. More coffee may be needed. 🙂

  12. The kettle is on! Yes, I see my error, I’ll go back to “Florida-Birdwatchers” until I get a mystery bird, which, with 500 species under my belt, might be a while.

  13. 500 species! That should be illegal in this state. Actually, congrats, that’s great. Some folks have tighter belts that hold fewer species. They tend to post pics they want folks with 500 species under their belt to help them with. Help, DaLo. come back to WBIT. My British friend came to this country as a teen. She is still primarily a tea drinker, British tea, that friends bring back for her. From Britain.

  14. Actually, you can buy good British tea from Publix. I should clarify that the 500 is a TranAtlantic figure and my USA figure is closer to 400. eBird claims I have 260 species under my belt, but I didn’t know they existed when I started birding so I didn’t note the location or date when I first started so I can’t add all my species for a true figure. Still, I’m happy with 250+ and I can always see those other species for the “first” (second) time again later.