Indigo Bunting?

Had the chance to do some birding at the Walkill Valley Wildlife Refuge In Sussex County NJ. One of my favorite places to bird watch. This guy was singing high atop a tree as I wandered through the Liberty Loop Trail. I need your help to make an accurate ID for this one, it will be added to my life list. Thank  you!



7 responses to “Indigo Bunting?

  1. That looks a solid ID to me. You have a choice of about 7 ‘blue’ species to rule in/out, but it’s obviously not 5 of them, so it’s just a choice between an Indigo Bunting and a Blue Grosbeak. I think the bill is sufficiently medium-sized to not be a ‘gros(s)’ beak and there’s no rufous wing-bars. Congrats on your newest life-list member.

  2. I do believe this is an Indigo Bunting and not a Blue Grosbeak, which is similar in plumage but has brownish red on its wings . Congrats on a lifer.

  3. Three out of three agree. Thanks for posting.

  4. SLB: I’m just glad to finally see my posts appear in real time….thanks for making me an editor.

  5. Me, too. I don’t know if that did it, or Askimet decided to harass another blog, but, whatever, this is good news.

  6. I will put in another vote for Indigo Bunting!