Terns and Gulls seen in Pinellas County, Florida, August, 2012

I thought it might be fun to post these photos to see how good the Florida birders are, but it is important to remember these Gulls and Terns are not found in all areas of Florida, the USA and Canada.  I included migrants.  Pierre ought to have fun with these as I doubt any are found out there.  I tried to post to show size.  There’s a lot of repetition and, I hope, a method to my madness.  The click method will enlarge them.  -SLB


5 responses to “Terns and Gulls seen in Pinellas County, Florida, August, 2012

  1. Bird A Laughing Gull
    Bird B Laughing Gull (Juvenile)
    Bird C Royal tern
    Bird D Sandwich tern
    Bird E (pic 3) Least tern
    Bird E (pic 4) Forsters? Doesn’t seem to be the same bird to me?
    Bird F Um, don’t know, some sort of Tern (in transition plumage?).

  2. Very clever, since many of these are not gulls, but terns (the short, black legs and the fine, long beaks are dead givaways!).

    So, here are my IDs or educated guesses:
    Bird A: Laughing Gull, maybe, but I am bothered by the redish beak (could it be a Heermann’s or a Laughing Gull? Either would be quite rare in Florida)
    Bird B: Probably a juvenile Laughing Gull (in transition between 1st and 2nd year)
    Bird C: Royal tern
    Bird D: Sandwich tern
    Bird E: both pics 3 and 4 could be Least Terns, but one looks more “wintry” and the other more “summery,” but I also agree that they could also be two different species, perhaps
    Bird F: Common or Arctic Tern?

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  4. Well I can tell you what there are NONE of! Ring-necked gulls or yellow legs!! 😉 (thats pretty much the only ones I would be sure of in this catagory) This is great SLB, have fun with it everyone!!

  5. I promise to let y’all know soon.