What kind of Hawk is this, Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned?

Hello all, turning to a raptor, now, can anyone tell me what bird is on these two photos, which represent the same individual?

I believe this is either a Cooper’s or a Sharp-shinned Hawk (with a preference for Cooper’s, because of the rounded tail), but I would appreciate your input on this one, especially if you think it is something else entirely.

The photos were taken in the second half of December 2011, in a fairly large urban park in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


5 responses to “What kind of Hawk is this, Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned?

  1. I say Cooper’s. Relatively big head, light nape, sturdier legs.

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  3. Yes, your comments tend to confirm my thoughts on the issue — this bird seemed a bit too “big” to be a Sharpie.

  4. I agree with Cooper’s, note the red eye also.

  5. Cooper’s….mainly because it appears to be quite chunky with a large head…. the Sharpie is more slender and it’s head is smaller. The Sharpie has a square tail with all feathers about the same length, while this one’s tail appears to be rounded like a Cooper’s. I believe both the Sharpie and the Cooper’s adults have red eyes, while the immature of both have yellow eyes. All in all, though, adults of both species are tough!