Warblers…oh, so confusing and it’s not even Fall yet!

These birds were seen around my yard here in Nova Scotia on Thursday, along with a few Black-throated Green Warblers, that I had no trouble identifying.  First up is one that I think is an immature Magnolia Warbler….am I correct?  We’ll call this Series 1….all the same bird


And then this one…..no clue as to what it is other than immature….Series 2, all the same bird…ImageImageImage

And this one…..Series 3, all the same bird…




6 responses to “Warblers…oh, so confusing and it’s not even Fall yet!

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  2. Hi Jo, the 1st deffinately looks like an Immature Magnolia. Lovely pic too! As for the others I do not even have a guess yet, the 3rd is very similar to me, I have to find more time to look around.

  3. Series 1 (I’ve never seen a Magnolia Warbler, so I’ll pass)
    Series 2 Looks like an immature Ruby-crowned Kinglet to me
    Series 3 Looks like a Yellow-rumped Warbler to me.

  4. I can’t comment on the first two, but after reading DaLo’s suggestion on the third series, I think I agree with Yellow-rumped there. The little yellow splash gives it away. 🙂
    Good catches on all!

  5. Very confusing indeed. I can only say that series 3 does look like the YRWA.

  6. Thank you all….sorry for the late reply, but we have been traveling around Newfoundland and Labrador and have had very little Internet access. Okay, I’m going to go with imm. Magnolia for Series 1, just as I thought. Checking the guidebook for Ruby-crowned Kinglet, I will go along with DaLo’s comment for that one for Series 2…..what a cute little bird it was and I did note that it was quite small. As for Series 3, the Yellow-rump does seem to be what that one is….they are just everywhere, including one here in our campsite in southern Labrador this morning, which made me wonder when it will be leaving to head further south to its winter home.