Here is a Lesser Scaup

This Lesser Scaup was taken in Stanley Park (Vancouver) in January 2012. Note the length of the bill (compared to the head) and the peak on the head (which appears rather greenish). Perhaps I should post more photos of this species on my blog?


6 responses to “Here is a Lesser Scaup

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  2. I never saw the information about the bill. That is very interesting. BTW, I would like it if you would post more photos of this species on your blog, perhaps both kinds of Scaups. Last spring, I saw so many Scaups (with Redheads and Northern Shovelers) on one lake, I could not believe it. Unfortunately, the photos were taken from a distance and I could not see with my eyes.

  3. Good old Peterson gave me that tip, which is useful for several other species (Downy vs. Hairy Woodpeckers, for one). I will try to post something on Scaups in the next few weeks, although I don’t think I have a 100% sure photo of both the Greater. I will keep you posted…

  4. I wish I could ever get close enough to see any of those details, but 100 yards is about the closest I’ve managed so far. Super picture btw Pierre.

  5. Thanks! Actually, we are quite spoiled in this regard here in Vancouver, because many normally shy birds (especially ducks and other waterfowl, but not exclusively) winter here and are quite easily approchable in several parts of the region at this time of the year.

  6. Thanks for posting this, Pierre. As noted by others, I’ve never been able to get close enough to these ducks, even though they are in the lake in our FL backyard during the winter months. They are skittish, like the Ring-necked Ducks that are in the lake with them, always swimming away when I approach the lake for a closer picture.