Unknown Terrn…observed in Canada

This is not a great picture…actually it’s quite lousy….but it was taken through the window of a moving vehicle on a very overcast day in Greenspond, Newfoundland on Aug. 31, 2012….any ideas?Image


3 responses to “Unknown Terrn…observed in Canada

  1. Actually, given the difficult conditions, this is a pretty good shot! My guess is that this is either a Common or an Arctic Tern, but unless you get a very good look at the bill of an adult in the summer or hear their voice, it is not easy to distinguish the two species by sight. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more precise!

  2. Thanks, Pierre….I’m leaning more and more towards the Common, although I was really hoping it was an Arctic, as that would be a lifer for me.

  3. I’m guessing it’s a toss up between the two, but if it is a lifer, you probably should be prudent and not call it. I know how frustrating that is, however!