An Old Friend? (Now that we’re officially in “Warbler Season”…)

Ok, here is another one that I think I have the ID on, but I would like some backup because it seems to be a little less boldly coloured than I remember (assuming it is the bird I believe it to be).  Unfortunately, this bird made certain not to let me get all of it in a single photograph and if ID can’t be determined from what I have here, oh well… I understand. 🙂




(These were taken in east central Florida a couple days ago.)


3 responses to “An Old Friend? (Now that we’re officially in “Warbler Season”…)

  1. I’m totally baffled by this one Jenn! It seems to have ‘warbleresque’ qualities, but also ‘vireoesque’ ones. Not to mention a touch of the kinglet about it. I’ve worked my way through Sibley’s twice but no inspiration came.

  2. Jenn I do believe this is a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, you just can’t see the crown. Sweet tiny bird!

  3. Really? That would be a lifer! I will be scanning the area for it to come back now, so that I can get a better photo. You know… what’s funny is that when I glimpsed it, “kinglet” danced through my head, but having never seen one in person…. When I looked at the photos though, I got to thinking that maybe it was a Pine Warbler (lacking the bright yellow that I usually see; plumage variation and all that).

    Oh I sure hope this little guys hangs around. I’m going to go look up his calls so that I can listen for him in the mornings.

    Thanks for all the input guys! 🙂