Duck luck?

I don’t seem to be able to upload any pictures to FloridaBirdwatchers tonight, so I’ll try this ‘side alley’ and see how things go.  These are the three ducks I saw (and can’t ID) from yesterday in Pasco County…

OK, nope, that isn’t happening either, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

(I’ll try using the Dashboard thingamybobs)


6 responses to “Duck luck?

  1. Uh, that was rather weird and counter-intuitive, but I managed to get some pictures to ‘take’ (albeit twice). That’s good enough for an ID though! 🙂

  2. When I clicked on the thumbnails and the carousel of large photos went round, I just thought the ride was twice as long for the price of one!

  3. I’ll look, but I think the key might be IDing a male first.

  4. I agree. However, I couldn’t, so any help will be welcome.

  5. 1st pix: sorry, no clue
    2nd pix: best guess is a female Common Goldeneye
    3rd pix: best guess is American Black Duck
    4th pix: sorry, no clue

  6. Thanks Jo. I believe (though have no evidence) that they are all from the same family. How about this for an idea? Muscovy x Mallard hybrids?