Popular Shorebird

Ok, now looking at the website heading and concluding that the image I have in question appears to be of the same bird that’s tiled across the screen… I feel a little silly asking.  But since I am trying to hone my shorebird skills and I am seeing a few of these hanging about on my beach runs, I am going to post it for a confirm anyway…Image

(This was taken in east central Florida last weekend.)


4 responses to “Popular Shorebird

  1. Why feel silly? If it is the same bird, I don’t see the species under it. Also, I want to call the new subheading to everyone’s attention. Even shorebirds migrate from other areas of Florida this time of year, or increase. I have seen a real increase in this bird on the nearby beach.

  2. A Willet, in non-breeding plumage.

  3. I believe that’s my old friend Mr. Willet (whom I’ve not seen for as long as I can remember).

  4. Yay! I can add this one to the official list too, then! (It’s one of those birds that I know I have seen before, but have never gotten to stop and ID.) I thought the best match was Willet, but those shorebirds… well, I swear that I am going to work on that this winter! Now, I can put a check in the box: Willet. 🙂 Thanks all!!