Two birds in One Shot

Ok, so this week, the yard has been very active (especially yesterday).  When I initially took these photos, I figured they would be pretty easy IDs… I think I was mistaken.  I have got an idea on each, but I find it hard to believe that two of my most sought-after lifers would just randomly appear right next to one another in my front yard, so rather than give in to wishful thinking, I will hand it over to you all.  I am not sharing my thoughts on their IDs yet.  I want to get my second opinions first. 😀

We will call them “Small Bird” and “Large Bird”.  The small bird was about the size of a Painted Bunting.  In their side-by-side, you can gauge the size of the larger bird.

“Small Bird” alone:





Two birds side-by-side:



And “Large Bird” (which is really not large, I know, but just a tiny bit larger than “Small Bird”):


These were all taken in east central Florida over the last few days.  With migration in full swing though, all bets are off on range maps.  I just love autumn in Florida for birding… keeps the challenge lively! 😀


8 responses to “Two birds in One Shot

  1. Ok, I am having some trouble posting the “Addendum” that I wanted to, so I will try again later. Until then, I’m still looking for help on these two. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  2. I think we might be looking at a pair of Indigo Buntings, but I can’t see the all important beak very well. Have you beak shots?

  3. I believe “large” bird is a male Indigo Bunting. “Small” bird has me a bit baffled if you think it’s a Warbler… may be a female Indigo Bunting traveling with her mate.

  4. I think I’m going to stick my neck out and say female and male Indigo Buntings. The wingbars really say IB to me, and the cinnamon colour. The bill doesn’t really have that bi-colored look, but I think that’s the angle / lighting / time of year?

  5. Really? A pair, you think? I had figured the smallish bird as a female Indigo Bunting, so score one for my life list!! Woohoo… that is a bird I have been seeking all year!
    The slightly larger bird I had not considered to be a bunting, but that makes sense. The day before, my male Painted Bunting was at the feeder, and my first thought on the cinnamon-coloured bird was that it looked just like an off-colored female PB, so I was thinking 2+2=bunting of some sort (but I just couldn’t be certain and I definitely didn’t want that doubt if I added it to my book as a lifer). 🙂
    I will try to post my “addendum” that wouldn’t go up yesterday and see what you all think there. Now, I have to do some image searches. I always expected more, well, indigo on the male Indigo Bunting! 😀

  6. This isn’t breeding season, Jenn, so they lack that beautiful indigo color….after looking again, my vote is for a pair of Indigo Buntings. They do hang around with the Painted Buntings….how nice to have both kinds in your yard. By the way, the female PB is a yellowish green color with no cinnamon.

  7. That was my first thought. Good to know there’s a consensus here.

  8. Oh, sorry… I think I was unclear. I didn’t mean that I thought it was a PB, but it had the same shape, size, beak… it looked just like her, but the wrong colour, so I figured this one must be in the same family, ergo bunting. 🙂 The other, on the other hand, did not set off the same light bulb.
    Ok, now that the photo upload seems to be back up and running, I want to post my addendum for opinion and then I will ask what knocked my front-runner out for ID of the other bird. 😉
    Thanks so much for all the help with these guys, by the way!