Shorebirds…..what a headache


All of these pictures were taken at Ft. De Soto in Florida on April 11…..


Photo above:  I believe bird “D” is a Short-billed Dowitcher…..need help with  “A” …..”B”…..”C” …  “E”



Picture above: Is the bird in the rear an immature Short-billed Dowitcher….the spots on the chest don’t jive, so is it something else?


Photo above:  Don’t know what either bird is.




2 responses to “Shorebirds…..what a headache

  1. OK, where are the aspirin! And for that matter, where are the letters? Oh, I see ‘D”, oh, there’s ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘E’…. Where heck is ‘A’? Oh, Found it!
    Right then…

    A: (I believe A, C & E are the same species)
    B: Short-billed Dowitcher (non-breeding)
    C: Dunlin
    D: Short-billed Dowitcher (Adult, breeding).
    E: Dunlin.
    F: (“no jive”): Dunlin (adult, breeding).
    G: Dunlin
    H: (head tucked) Dunlin.

    The slightly down-turned bill, quite long and slate-grey / black shouts ‘Dunlin” to me. Also the size (relative to the SBDW & willet) and the fact that April is the transition from non-breeding to breeding colours (black bellies & rufous tones).

    OK, back to Pierre’s mystery owl….

  2. Thanks, DaLo….evidently there were a lot of Dunlin around that day, as well as Short-billed Dowitchers and all in different stages of plumage to further confuse me. Next time, I’ll use numbers and I’ll remember to add them to all the pictures.