A Juvenile Towhee with Sparrow from “And Speaking of Sparrows”

The bird on the left is the unidentified bird that was posted by Jenn earlier with a lot of discussion about what it might be.  Then Jenn said she thought it is a juv Towhee.  I have my doubts.  The photo Jenn originally posted is on the left.  The photo of the juv. Eastern Towhee I found at http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Towhee/id is on the right.  -SLB

Unidentified bird at left, juv. Eastern Towhee at right


2 responses to “A Juvenile Towhee with Sparrow from “And Speaking of Sparrows”

  1. Sorry about the confusion… no, I am certain it isn’t a juvenile E. Towhee. I have them in the yard every year and, even with all their juv variation, I have become very familiar with them. (Actually, this year I did have one that was so beautifully and boldly streaked, I had to watch it begin to grow into its adult plumage to be certain it was a towhee.) They are one of my favorite feeder birds. 🙂
    I was just using the story of my first juv towhee sighting to relate the finding that the unidentified bird may very well be a juvenile sparrow, thus making it a difficult ID.

  2. Gotcha. So, we are now looking at juv Sparrows to try to figure this out? None of the suggestions so far seem to hit the mark?