Photo 2, Raptor IDeas…

Ok… not sure what happened to the second shot, but here it is (if it’s any help)… it may be a little better, but not by much, if at all, I’m afraid.  It does hint to me, however, that the wing feathers I thought were just missing may, in fact, not be.  So having been through three different guides now, I’m still pretty stumped.



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  1. I know what it is! I was fiddling about with “photoshop” and kept thinking about the fact that the shape looks like a Black Vulture, But BVs don’t have that wing pattern. Then I realised the white patches aren’t feathers – they’re plastic tags! This is one of those “banded” vultures you were telling me about (only they tag the wings, not the legs on Vultures). It’s the only reasonable answer! Nothing else is this size & shape, behaves like a raptor and also has these patterns. Once you ditch the weird white squares on the wings, you can see it’s a Vulture!

  2. Wow, seems like that has to be it. Nice detective work, DaLo. When I look at your lightened image in the last post, those areas certainly do look artificial.

    I’m surprised they’d be tagging the trailing edge of the wings, tho. Not much to secure the tags there, I wouldn’t think!

  3. There are a lot of vultures in the area this season – eighteen flying together the other day before they split off into two directions, then a last one appeared and joined one of the groups. The photos definitely look like the birds I see and photos I take, and enlarge. Nice going, DaLo. Thanks for the pic, Jenn.

  4. Thanks for all the input on this!
    DaLo, as cool as it would be to see one of the tagged vultures, I am going to have to disagree that this was one of them. The brown/white belly (mentioned in the first post, but not the second photo post… sorry about that), is part of what convinced me that this had to be a hawk of some sort. Also, I am pretty sure it was hunting coots… or at least attempting to; it was pretty neat to see them flock together to avoid possible capture with the dizzying array of black and white… feathered zebras. 🙂

    Being that no bird seems to match that wing pattern, I am thinking that this must be a trick of the light through some missing flight feathers. I wish I could have gotten a better photo. Maybe I’ll wander back up there some time to look for it again.