Raptor IDeas

Ok, I don’t expect to get a positive ID on this bird, but I want some thoughts from you all on it.  It’s definitely a raptor.  It frightened a couple hundred Amer Coots, drawing my attention.  It was high noon, not a great time for “eyes to the sky”, so it was hard to see much detail on the bird.  Those wing patches are what keep throwing me.  I suppose it could be a case of a bird missing a couple feathers (they lose them evenly, after all).

The only other thing I really noticed was that the belly was bi-coloured.  At first I thought it might be a belly band, which would mean immediate Red-tailed ID, but it seemed too solid.

Also, this bird was very large; likely too large for a Red-shouldered (which I had spotted in the area earlier).

Any thoughts at all?


Thanks for your help! 🙂


3 responses to “Raptor IDeas

  1. Oh my goodness, is that a Haliaeetus leucocephalus or am I dreaming?

  2. Send me picture 2 (which didn’t display) and any others you have and I’ll play around with them in “photoshop” and I’ll see if I can bring out some the of the “nooned-out” details. Here’s what I did to the 1st picture. Does this look like you recall? I’ll have to open a new posting…

  3. There is the second shot.