Oh, Sparrows (again)

Actually, I think I pinned the ID on this guy, but I would really love some back-up:




Photos were taken at St. Sebastian River State Preserve, east central Florida, yesterday.  As for behavior, they were (presumably) feeding on the ground in a flock of maybe a dozen (?) and flew into the pine tree when I walked by.  I didn’t see them in the brush off the path, so I can only assume they were foraging, as were some couple hundred Pine and Palm Warblers and Eastern Bluebirds in that general area shortly thereafter.

Thanks for any help.


7 responses to “Oh, Sparrows (again)

  1. Chipping Sparrow, for me, at first glance. With that eye stripe going through the lores.

  2. Not knowledgeable about Sparrows, but as soon as this cold leaves, I’ll look the bird up.

  3. Thanks for the replies! 🙂
    Diane, that is exactly why I thought Chipping Sparrow, too! I had it narrowed to a couple, then two, then, as I kept thinking ‘this has got to be like the warblers… there must be one small detail unique to this species…” it hit me! But, as a bird now being officially added to the life list, I wanted to get a second opinion.
    And… posting another shortly, but this one is a shorebird confirm….

  4. I’m lousy at shorebirds! Well, pretty lousy at sparrows, too, beyond the ones I see a lot; but much lousier at shorebirds… 😦

  5. I think it’s a Chipping Sparrow, too….it’s always nice to have a life bird addition….nice shots, too.

  6. Thanks, Jo! With sparrows, it’s a holding-my-breath exercise. I’m internally begging the camera to focus and the bird to stay still long enough for a good shot and then willing the bird to do a runway 360 for additional field mark shots. 😀 Recalling the title sentiment: “Oh, sparrows… again!” 😀

  7. Yes, those “little brown jobs” can be difficult, and I know it’s not easy to get the bird to sit still long enough for a picture, but you did get some decent shots, including one of it showing the thin stripe in the middle of its head….plus the pinkish bill, which is present at this time of the year.