Are these different species?

Another week, another life bird (perhaps) – but I would like to confirm by sounding your duck identification expertise, gentle reader.

Here are two photos taken at about the same time and the same place: on a pond in Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, BC, Canada (I haven’t retouched them except to make both a bit sharper). I believe these are two different species: let me know if you agree and if so, what you think they are. A major clue: they are both adult male wigeons. One is quite common in the Northwest corner of North America, the other one is not.

UPDATE: I thought you should know that I have indeed decided the top bird (no. 1) is a Eurasian Wigeon. The second (or no. 2) is his American cousin, which is quite abundant in the Greater Vancouver region.


Wigeon No. 1

Wigeon No. 2

Wigeon No. 2


4 responses to “Are these different species?

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  2. I’d certainly agree that you have a Eurasian (top) and an American (bottom) wigeon there! What great comparison shots! Good old Baldpate & its old country relative. 🙂

  3. Is this accurate, Pierre?

  4. Yes, that was my conclusion. The Eurasian Wigeon, although rare, is in fact seen almost every year in Vancouver. And we have tens of thousands of American Wigeons in this region, especially in winter.