Today’s Bird Quiz – Know this bird?

Photograph taken Feb. 22, 2013 near St. Petersburg, Fl.  This bird was flying over Boca Ciega Bay, a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  Do you know what it is?

Bird flying over Boca Ciega Bay in FL near the Gulf or Mexico

Bird flying over Boca Ciega Bay in FL near the Gulf or Mexico

2012_07_30  Oystercatcher  Gulfport, FL

2012_07_30 Oystercatcher
Gulfport, FL

8 responses to “Today’s Bird Quiz – Know this bird?

  1. Maybe I’ve seen too many of these and it’s just stuck in my head but it looks to be a Canada Goose. The nearly all white tertial feathers throw me off though. Perhaps a leucistic Canada Goose?

  2. Hints – I have added a range map to the original post. The bird is a shorebird 15-17 inches long, dull pink legs and a large red bill.

  3. DUH! American Oystercatcher. Do I feel stupid!

  4. Is it really? I haven’t seen one of them yet. I’m always keeping an eye out, but no luck yet. Nice sighting, SLB! 🙂

  5. Nice capture! I have seen the Black Oystercatcher, but not the American. I guess I’m too far north.

  6. Yes great find. The legs threw me because in this light they look black. And having no size reference I went with the most common option.

  7. Thanks for the compliments. Pierre, you are right. “Canadian” American Oystercatchers are seen in small numbers in areas such as Labrador. Jenn, they wade in low tide, are often seen in pairs and like many birds, will return to the same area for a period of time. Beautiful birds. Instead of a new post, it is easier to just add photos to the original. The second bird in flight was taken last July a few miles from the first photo I posted.