Warbler? What kind?

Here on the West Coast of Central Florida, some winter migrants are still here while spring migrants are arriving.  These photos were taken March 15, 2013.


7 responses to “Warbler? What kind?

  1. I love birding in this part of the world (south-west British Columbia), but I do wish there were more warblers. But the western version of this one is abundant here, I must admit: I believe this a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. I hope I’m right!

  2. I was going to guess, Black & White?
    But I’m having a bit of trouble seeing it–can’t scroll in…

  3. I was thinking female Black & White Warbler

  4. caracara0kid

    I’d have to agree that it’s a Yellow-rumped Warbler that is missing the characteristic yellow armpits. Not quite in breeding plumage yet? I thought about Cerulean Warbler but they don’t have forked tails. Black and Whites also don’t have forked tails.

  5. I think Yellow Rumped also, lovely little warbler!

  6. I am stumped as to why there is but a touch of yellow is photos one and two, but all of the characteristics are those of the Yellow-rumped Rumped Warbler. They could be first winter immature or female non-breeding? My guide to Florida birds says these winter migrants sometimes stay here until April. As many as there still are, I’ve no doubt some will be looking for Easter eggs in my neighborhood!

    • Actually, the yellow spots are often absent or hard to see in many individuals. As caracara0kid said, this one might be not quite in breeding plumage (which would make sense in March in Florida).