Spring migrant in Florida?

I am in Pinellas County Florida, Central Florida’s West Coast.  This photo was taken at a state park which attracts many kinds of spring migrants.  I think I know what the bird is, but the angle makes it difficult to tell.  I think this is the first time I have seen this species, so lack personal experience observing it in various poses.   -SLB  

2013_04_10 Central Florida, West coast

2013_04_10 Central Florida, West coast





3 responses to “Spring migrant in Florida?

  1. caracara0kid

    Hmm…a tough angle to make an ID. Perhaps an Acadian Flycatcher? Kind of looks like some yellow on the wings though.

  2. subscribing

  3. I was thinking about a White-eyed Vireo, although this is an odd angle.