Swallow ID

Swallow ID

This photo was taken on a river in central NJ.

There is a reason for the dreadful quality of this photo. I was not trying to photograph this bird. I was taking pictures of a Great Egret and this guy ended up in the corner of one of the frames.

My question is what species do you think this swallow is? I have my suspicions, but I’d really like some other opinions.



5 responses to “Swallow ID

  1. Bank Swallow? I believe I see a distinct throat band below a white throat.

  2. caracara0kid

    I also thought that. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions because I have never seen a bank swallow before. There were numerous Northern Rough-winged Swallows present so it seemed prudent to check.

  3. I just got my first Banks last month, and to me, anyway, found them to be about the easiest swallow to ID (well, maybe second to Barn Swallow). Link to shot of Banks, Trees, and Barns, all too cold to fly:

    And a shot of Rough-wingeds from the same day & place:

    That distinct white throat on the Banks is really diagnostic, I’d say. Cool little swallows!

  4. I just saw a number of Bank Swallows a couple of days ago. Sure hard to ID those fast movers. The link leading to the photo of the various kinds of swallows at rest is wonderful.

  5. Thanks, SLB. It was a frigid day with sleet storms and wind that nearly blew me off the dikes surrounding the fish hatchery ponds. Guess that’s what it takes for them to alight!