Quiz – May Bird of the Month

This is the “slow” time of the year in Pinellas County, Florida, as far as birding goes.  It seems that the spring migrants who were going north have finished passing through.  It was fun finding them and seeing them as some seem to come annually, others occasionally.  Here is one of the warblers I saw at the beginning of the month. 



Try an identification with just the top photo.  Confirm with bottom photo.  -SLB

Same warbler as above

Same warbler as above




5 responses to “Quiz – May Bird of the Month

  1. caracara0kid

    New Jersey is loaded with these guys right now. I know this one for sure.

  2. caracara0kid, what is it?

  3. caracara0kid

    It’s a male Yellow Warbler. I hear the “sweetsweetsweettititisweet” of these guys in all the woods around my house.

  4. Wow. Impressive. Good job.

  5. Yep, nothing difficult about this one. 🙂 The most visible common summer warbler here. Thankfully it’s also beautiful.