Quiz – Grassland Bird (Closed)

I photographed this inconsistent bird of New Jersey’s declining grasslands a few days ago. Without any help, does anyone know what this bird of the prairies is? With help can you ID this funky bird?



8 responses to “Quiz – Grassland Bird (Closed)

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  2. Totally stumped here. I’m ready for that hint.

  3. Looks Ammodramus-y to me, and of those, Grasshopper seems to be the best fit. Perhaps a juvenile? Stokes mentions that they may have thin breast streaking.

  4. caracara0kid

    Totally agree Diane, Grasshopper Sparrow was what I called it in the field, but I was wrong. I was corrected by some very knowledgeable birders on the JerseyBirds listserv group. HINT: This is a tricky one. This is a female of the species. The male is MUCH more distinctive, the only bird of its like in North America.

  5. Oh, wait! I was all ready to tell you why it wasn’t a dickcissel–then I remembered–Bobolink! (Would explain the yellow. I’d been dismissing that as just a trick of the light…)

  6. caracara0kid

    You got it! For me a lone female Bobolink is devilishly tricky bird to correctly ID. Nice job working it out. Personally I have never seen a Dickcissel.

  7. Whew! 🙂
    Coincidentally I got both Bobolinks and a singing Grasshopper Sparrow last week at the local Game Area. Only male Bobolinks, though, and they were mostly down in the field, not up perching. Now I’m going to have to be sure to go back up and try to find some females!
    Nice shot, nice quiz. 🙂