Quiz – July Bird of the Month


What kind of bird is this?

Birding is quiet in this area this time of the year.  I doubt I could even try to stump anyone with the birds I see now, mostly those that are found in and around the Bay. Here is an example.  -SLB


3 responses to “Quiz – July Bird of the Month

  1. I have never had the pleasure of seeing one, but my Peterson makes me think that this must be a Louisiana Heron.

  2. Sibley and Stokes do not have a Louisiana Heron listed, although after reading Pierre’s comment, I did some research. I discovered that the bird I have only called a Tricolored Heron is also known as the Louisiana Heron. Thanks for the information, Pierre.

    • You are welcome! I believe these herons may have changed names or been reassigned in terms of species in the past few years, so I do not know if my 2004 edition of the Peterson is still considered exact,