Another What Bird Is This?

This photo was taken by Pierre Cenerelli in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.  What bird is this?

Taken at Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Taken at Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC


4 responses to “Another What Bird Is This?

  1. And you will get bonus points if you can tell us if this is a male or a female (hint: look at the eyes!)…

  2. caracara0kid

    My initial reaction was a male Brewer’s Blackbird in non-breeding plumage. When was this taken?

  3. Female Bushtit! Such cool little birds!

  4. To answer caracara0kid: This photo was taken in the Spring (April or May, I cannot remember off the top of my head). And it is not a Blackbird (I probably should have indicated something with respect to the size of the bird, which is tiny – less than half the length of a BRBL, in spite of the longer tail). Diane G. is right, of course: this is a female Bushtit, coastal subspecies (Psaltriparus minimus minimus). Stay tuned for my next quiz…