Can you identify this pair of flycatchers (Tyrannidea)?(Closed)

This pair of flycatchers was taken in Vernon, BC (in the Okanagan Valley) in early August. Clues: ring around the eyes, length of wings and wing bars. If you heard their song, you would know what they are…



6 responses to “Can you identify this pair of flycatchers (Tyrannidea)?(Closed)

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  2. Tropical Kingbird

    • Much less exotic, especially since this species barely leaves Mexico and has a fairly bright yellow belly! Admittedly, I have the advantage of having actually heard this bird, so it was easy for me. Here’s a clue: the Latin name of this one starts with Contopus – and it is not an Olive-sided Flycatcher!

  3. Heh, I like clues like that. Pretty much leaves Western Wood-Pewee as the only likely candidate. And I think I can make out mottled undertail coverts, too. I usually don’t think of eyerings as much of a factor in Pewee ID, though.

  4. Yes, it is indeed a Western Wood-Pewee. The lack of an eyering points in the direction of a Pewee, but does not help determine which one. Song and geography are the two best indicators.