Mystery Woodpecker

So this time around, I will challenge you with a woodpecker that stumped me at first (although I had my suspicions right from the start). I took this photo on Canada’s West Coast, in Vancouver, BC’s Stanley Park. To provide a bit of context, this bird was taken on a conifer, close to a Douglas FirĀ grove, in the first half of August. It wasn’t making much noise except for the occasional “peeps” characteristic of many smaller woodpeckers. It measured about 20-25 cm (8-9 inches, if you are metrically challenged). After a look at my books and some careful Googling, the answer seemed obvious to me. Can you figure it out? (If you need another look, I’ve posted another picture of the same individual on my personal blog.)



3 responses to “Mystery Woodpecker

  1. Gonna say–juvenile Red-breasted Sapsucker?

  2. You are correct, way to go!

  3. Very cool bird!