Now I really need some help…

This is not a test (as the old saying goes): This time around, I would really appreciate your help with the following immature/juvenile bird photos. As you can see in the photos below, one of these birds had a relatively thin, black bill and the other’s is yellowish and a bit bigger (in the field, I thought they were the same bird, oddly enough). You can obtain a larger photo by clicking on the images below.

I am guessing that the first is a warbler, maybe a Yellow-rumped Warbler and that the other is some sort of finch or sparrow (maybe a Pine Siskin?). Are there any experts in immature passerines who can help me out? Neither of these birds are lifers for me, of course, but I would love to clear up the mystery. BTW, they were taken a few days ago in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.


9 responses to “Now I really need some help…

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  2. Oh, I’m sure that second one has to be a Yellow-rumped, with that tail pattern. The split eye-ring looks good, too.

    Would like to zoom in a bit on the first, but your hosting site isn’t letting me do so. 🙂

    • Suppose you’ve already ID’d this by now! But–sorry to say that zooming in didn’t help me much, I’m afraid. I’d say sparrow of some kind, and the markings that do show and the rusty color on the wings and tail (and the length of the tail) suggest Song to me, perhaps.

      (Kind of hard for me to tell what is a marking and what is a matter of light and shadow in other places.) Maddening to get such good shots and still have the birds be so difficult, eh? 😉

      • Diane: It is indeed amazing how little a clear shot can tell us. For the sparrow-like bird, I do not know for sure what it is, but a Song Sparrow could be a likely candidate, but my money is this being a Pine Siskin. As for the warbler, we did see adult Yellow-Rumps around these trees, so for this reason, I tend to lean in that direction (not to mention your comment on the tail).

        • Hmmm, I hadn’t considered a Pine Siskin. But now that I do, I’d say that the bird in question’s bill might be a little too thick for siskin (though being a juvenile may be confusing the issue), the tail a bit long, and that siskins don’t seem to have a discrete eye stripe like Songs (and this bird) do.

          I did see the hint of yellow on the breast, but thought that might be a reflection from the vegetation (for some reason yellow is always really good at showing up in reflections). And the breast is not usually a place siskins have yellow–IIRC.

  3. I believe the second photo is probably a Warbler, definitely a Passerine. The key to identifying it is the underside of the tail, but I cannot find an illustration or photo that matches the tail.

  4. I agree with Diane that the Warbler is a Yellow-rumped.

  5. BTW, I thought I should let you all know that one of the participants on our Stanley Park bird count ID’ed the finch/sparrow as a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow. Makes sense to me, now that I think of it.