ID help please

I took the photos of this bird Dec. 22, 2013.  I was just going through this and others I took at Fort De Soto, Pinellas County, Gulf Coast, central FL.  I realized I have no idea where to even look in a guide as far as getting a proper ID.  Any help would be so very appreciated.  Thanks. -SLB


8 responses to “ID help please

  1. Although there are no visible streaks on the bird’s breast, my first guess is that this is a Louisiana Waterthrush. You would be able to confirm with its song or if you saw it bob its tail (which it does frequently). Hope this helps!

  2. I doubt it would be spending the winter here, although it might arrive in the spring or fall. Any other ideas?

    • How about a drab, whitish variant of the Northern Waterthrush? This species is regularly found in the winter in Florida. But I also see how this might be a drab Palm Warbler…

  3. Your bird is a very drab western type Palm Warbler. Very common wintering bird in our area.

  4. Possibly a swamp sparrow or a sparrow like that? Sometimes it is so hard to be sure in that family depending on the age!

  5. Colin is correct. Palm warbler. They are always on that fountain.

  6. Now that I have a camera again, I hope to be posting photos of the birds that are challenging me and those I would like to challenge my readers with. As always, please participate so I can continue learning about birds from you.