An unusual bird in this area

This bird is a rarity in Florida.  She has been hanging around a fig tree in Pinellas County, FL, on the Gulf Coast in the central part of the state.  What species is she?  -SLB

What bird is this?

Photo 1

2014_01_19  DSCF0530

Photo 2


7 responses to “An unusual bird in this area

  1. Could this be a Scarlet Tanager?

  2. Sorry, I meant: Could this be a *Western* Tanager?

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  4. How did you get this so fast? In your area?

    • Dumb luck, I guess. And yes, these are in my area. But here were the two clues that worked for me: 1) This could have been an oriole of some sort, except the bill was the wrong shape and especially colour; 2) Once I settled on a tanager, the wing bars visible in the less clear shot told me it had to be a WETA.

  5. I have seen these in Thomasville Georgia the past week also. Perhaps the winter storm last week brought them in?

  6. Here in my area, central west coast, I hear about cold fronts and western winds blowing migrants in.