Warblers or Vireos

Here are two photos that were taken March 18, 2014, at Fort De Soto park’s North Beach area.  Warbler or Vireo?  They appear (but could be the same?) to be different birds, but the same species.  Is there a green band on the leg of one?  What species?  Thanks for all the help.  SLB

What Bird Is This Part Two

What Bird Is This Part One, Is there a band on the left leg?

What Bird Is   One

What Bird Is
Part Two


5 responses to “Warblers or Vireos

  1. My take is Pine Warbler.

    I don’t think we’re actually even seeing the bird’s left leg in shot #1; if you’re referring to the rather thick black band, I believe that’s just a sharp shadow of one branch on another.

  2. Upon a closer look, I think you are correct in seeing a shadow. I think a Pine is a definite possibility.

    • Hope Pierre chimes in as well. 🙂 I believe Pine Warblers are one of the first warbler species to return during spring migration. But I don’t know the first thing about Florida timing, only that it’s generally far earlier than I’m used to!

  3. Don Margeson

    Definitely a Pine Warbler

  4. I will at long last chime in, Diane! PIWA does seem the the most obvious choice, especially given the amount of white of the lower part of the stomach and the faint streaking on the sides. The only other obvious choice is the Blue-winged Warbler, but it has pure yellow all the way down the stomach, no streaking on the sides and a fairly visible narrow black stripe across the eye.