Identification of a Warbler during March migration in Florida

This identification has me vacillating between a Yellow-throated Warbler and Northern Parula, both of which are passing through my area of Florida in their migration.  This photo was taken at Fort De Soto, Gulf Coast, central Florida March 18, 2014.  Any help would be much appreciated.  -.SLB



9 responses to “Identification of a Warbler during March migration in Florida

  1. A Florida Birder

    Northern Parula – note needle sharp bill, yellow throat with white belly, white eye arcs.

  2. This is a yellow-throated warbler. The black on the face with yellow throat and streaking down the sides are good fieldmarks

  3. Agree with yellow-throated warbler because of black streaking on flanks and white supercillium with lower eye arc.

  4. David Hartgrove

    I agree with the other two opinions here that say Yellow-throated Warbler. Northern Parulas show slate blue/gray on the head. Yellow-throated shows black/gray. Both species breed in Florida unlike most other warblers.

  5. Cynthia Hudson

    Also, Yellow-throated because of strong white supercilium and streaking on flank.

  6. This is certainly not a NOPA (one of my favourite birds, BTW), mainly because the diagnostic green patch on the back is missing. I am also skeptical about the YTWA, since the yellow stripe on the top of the head is completely absent. How about a Magnolia Warbler???

  7. Pierre, I’m not aware of a yellow head stripe on YTWA. I like YTWA for this bird; facial markings are right-on, including the white patch behind the black auriculars.

  8. Too many durn warblers with “yellow” in their names!