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Jenn’s Raptor (again)

Did a bit of ‘Google Images’ searching and found they come in all shapes and sizes.  Often yellow, but also green, white and red.  Vultures are being tagged all across the globe (Africa, Asia, Canada).  Here are some random pictures…






They can even carry around this hefty satellite tracker…



Jenn’s Raptor…


Mystery Flock (Nov-Dec 2011)

This flock was a mystery to me until I saw them for about the 5th time and photo-enhanced the images to show they were actually Red-winged Blackbirds!  I was only used to seeing them in wet reeds (with males) and not furiously ripping open pine-cones in the tops of pine-trees well away from any water!

I’m guessing this might be what Jenn was talking about (and struggling to post images of) but I’m probably not going to be able to post this picture either am I?


Jenn’s Sparrow Epiphany…

Try this (E. Towhee Juvenile)…



It’s no trouble Ah-ha!  I just figured out how to post HERE (drop-down menu left of “Publish Post”). Unfortunately, I just deleted the sparrow pictures, so let me go and grab some… P.S, I ripped this off Google (and unlike … Continue reading

What the heck is this? [post closed]

Warblers make my head hurt!


The tail is tricky to see, but it goes from a bright yellow UTC to a black block then white ends (just like a Yellow-rumped).  I believe I saw it pumping its tail a fair bit too (like a Palmie).  It was in a pine-tree the whole time.

Oh, it actually is a Palmie!  It just looked “off” to me, but here’s one from Google Images and it’s bang on.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Palmie at NCBGs, maybe that’s what threw me (and it being up a tree and not on the ground).

Duck luck?

I don’t seem to be able to upload any pictures to FloridaBirdwatchers tonight, so I’ll try this ‘side alley’ and see how things go.  These are the three ducks I saw (and can’t ID) from yesterday in Pasco County…

OK, nope, that isn’t happening either, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

(I’ll try using the Dashboard thingamybobs)